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About Us

Fair View Homestay

Fair View Home Stay gives you a sense of being around natures’ serene surroundings. Built on the edge of a valley, the home gives you a stunning view of the entire city overlooking the lush green forests of Shimla. Fair View was designed and built to ensure its customers experience luxury as well as tranquillity and the location was carefully selected to make travel to city centre quick, convenient and comfortable. Fair View is probably the only Home Stay in Shimla that is so close to the main town, yet so far away from the city noise.

If you visit Shimla often, then you would understand when we say, 'you now have an alternative to Mashobra Cottages', as FAIR VIEW HOMESTAY, a home is just 10 minutes away from the Mall Road, Shimla.

Our Penthouse has 2 very spacious and luxurious rooms with adjacent terraces and a spacious lounge that gives you complete privacy. The terraces are bordered with glass railings to offer you a breathtaking view of the entire valley. We are committed to offering you a relaxing, comfortable and peaceful environment combined with delicious local and international cuisines. The owners of this home stay are a passionate, professional and caring couple, who have travelled the length and breadth of Himachal Pradesh, and are perhaps the best source of information if you plan to travel around the state, offering you true comfort of a home in the hills. So plan your holiday now and make early reservations.

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